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UFO News for Friday 7th August 2009

Every Friday we will publish a quick roundup of some of the weeks more popular UFO related stories. This Friday we only have one story! Sorry, not a good start I know, but we will have a better list next week.

UFO spotted during BBC TV breakfast broadcast.
A mysterious flying object was captured as news anchor Colin Briggs read the BBC breakfast headlines on Look North at 9.05 on Wednesday morning.

A webcam filming an area of the River Tyne recorded a streak of white light shooting upwards at a forty-five degree angle travelling at considerable speed.

In the footage the speeding projectile appears from the lower left hand side of the screen and seems to pass under the wide arch of Newcastle’s Millennium Bridge before disappearing out of the top of the screen.

What was it? A Bird? UFO? It’s too small to be a plane. Do you have any suggestions? Or have you seen something similar?

‘UFO’ on BBC Look North webcam (BBC)
‘UFO’ spotted during morning TV broadcast (Telegraph)

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